One on One Passion Coaching

Here at Follow Your Passion we truly believe, we grow as a person by helping others to become a better version of themselves. Phil’s dream is to give more people access to live a life full of fun freedom and fulfilment. Phil’s passion is to see other people succeed - Phil can help you to connect the dots from feeling stuck to living life with purpose.. ( Read More )

Wave of Your Life

Spend some time with Philipp on a day adventure where he can take you out of your comfort zone and have an abundance of fun. Philipp has helped people all around the globe discover their true purpose for life as they step outside their comfort zone in a safe and supportive environment. Philipp believes that the best way to discover your passion and purpose is to be in a different environment having the time of your life as he asks you the right questions revealing your true potential without fear of judgement.. ( Visit the site )

Surf Sherpa

Are you bored with life and ready for an adventure? Imagine a day dedicated just for you where you step outside your comfort zone in a supportive environment. Your own personal surf guide to take the hard work out of surfing, wax and carry your board, teach you about the ocean and surfing, take you to secret surf spots on the coast. The Surf Sherpa will help you discover your passion for life while you face your fears and let go of your blocks.

Buy Now For Only: Half Day $357.00 or Full Day $557.00

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Unstuck Yourself Day

GET YOUR FREE TICKET NOW- LIMITED NUMBERS AVAILABLE No matter where you are in life, it only takes one decision to alter your path and reshape your destiny. Unstuck Yourself Day is your chance to create the life of your dreams. The life you deserve. Join Philipp this October in Coolangatta. UNstuck Yourself Day 2015will bring, Heart Centred Humans, Action Takers, Freedom Seekers and People who know there must be more, together on October 31st for a One Day journey through freeing themselves from the chains within. UNstuck Yourself Day will help you to discover the WHY from within and how you can overcome your fears and blockages so you can live your life with Freedom and Clarity.. ( Register Now !)

Neal Webb, Founder

Energy Entertainments

Many of us become stuck and forget our passion, after my first surf with Philip from Follow Your Passion I was pumped and ready to believe in my passion again. After hearing Philipps story and seeing his success I knew there was only one way to succeed. Now I’m on fire! I combine my passion for kung fu and fire to create entertaining shows all over Australia and the world.

Alvaro Loza

I felt like I wasn´t going anywhere. Phill helped me realise how unhappy I was living in a place where I didn’t want to live and away from the things that I love most and studying a career that I don’t want to do all my life. He helped me to open my eyes and point me in the direction I want to be. Since spending time with Phil I´m a guy on a mission to get there.

Stevie Oberwexer, World Traveller

Philipp taught me that if I wanted something I could do it! His incredible power of motivation and support show me how far I can go if I want and that goals are here to reach!

JEANETTE HARGREAVES - Reiki Spiritual Healer and Yoga Specialist

I find Philipp to be enthusiastic, inspiring and motivational. Philipp helps you to live the best life by following your passion, directing you to your lifes purpose. Thankyou Phil for all of your awesome advice that has kept me loving what I do.


Wear Your Passion wherever you go

Alright let’s bring some truth to the table about what these shirts are really all about. Why should you buy a follow your passion shirt if there a trillions of T shirt brands out there ;-) First of all FYP is not a typical T shirt brand. WHY?? Because we believe in the message we have created and we want to spread it to you and across the world. FYP shirts are all about connection and promoting people to live their life with passion and purpose. These shirts are a great conversation starter, I’ve been stopped on the street because people love the message!... ( Read More )

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