Follow Your Passion Ambassador Johnny-NesslingerJohnny Nesslinger is one of the true examples of how to follow one’s passion. He has overcome different obstacles, ranging from a motorbike accident in Bali to an avalanche in Austria, in order to continue enjoying what he loves. Therefore, he has what it takes to be a Follow Your Passion Ambassador.

How Johnny Nesslinger Got His Passion

Johnny is one of the people blessed to have been in the right place at the right time. Hailing from Innsbruck, Austria, he had full access to the city’s majestic mountains and some of the finest snowboarding and skiing centres in all of Europe. His love for both sports drove him to pursue a Master’s degree in Sport Science and Sport Management at the University of Innsbruck.

Sports aside, Johnny is passionate about being able to consciously choose what he wants to do. Therefore, when he set his sights on Australia, he didn’t hesitate to pack his bags and leave Austria. In the Land Down Under, he discovered surfing. He signed up at Southern Cross University and received a Certificate of Surfing Studies.

Further down the road, Johnny grew passionate about fighting for the environment. Therefore, he chose to work with different NGOs to promote environmental awareness. Today, he continues pursuing this passion by combining an Eco-conscious approach in everything he does.

Johnny’s Goals in Life

Johnny currently owns Ridehere – Ridenow, a company which offers activities in the areas of sports, events, healthy nutrition, ecology, team-building, economic, social and political awareness. He wants to create possibilities for people to practice sports in a fun way that won’t harm the environment. He also aims at helping others adapt to a good and fair lifestyle filled with organic nutrition and social, environmental and political responsibility. These aside, Johnny plans to help other businesses become sustainable and greener in their practice.

To FYP believers, Johnny says, “There is no wrong track as there is no way back in time (or I haven´t found it yet) – there are only choices to be made in the present, here and now!